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Did you just install the new Microsoft Office 2007 with Outlook?
Guess what, your Outlook Express email spell check will not work with the English language option.

There is hope -- Install this little utility and all is well again. CLICK HERE

Did your Internet just quit or your email stop working? Check this first before calling tech support.

  • Can you open a web page you have never been to like www.yahoo.com ?
  • Is it just your computer having the problem? If everyone is then there is a bigger problem.
  • If your email is just not working but the Internet is OK then it may be a problem with your email provider service.
  • Did you check the cable on the back of your PC? Most have a green or amber light if you have a connection. Notebooks usually do not. Sometimes it is that simple.
  • Have you tried turning off power to your TELUS modem or SHAW modem? This happens quite often and an easy fix, but warn your fellow employees before you do this. They may be working just fine and only your system is affected.
  • Try powering off (unplugging) your router if you have one as well. DO NOT PUSH RESET on your router as any special settings will be lost and you will lose all your security settings.

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